Daryl Maude

Academic, writer & translator currently living in the US. I’m a PhD student in modern Japanese literature at the University of California, Berkeley. I do research focused on modern Okinawan literature, identity politics and Japanese post-colonial literature (or, if you prefer, post-colonial literature written in Japanese.)

From 2011-2013 I was a research student in the Graduate School of Education, Waseda University, Tokyo, on a Ministry of Education,
Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Scholarship.

I received my BA in Japanese from the University of Leeds in 2009, and my MA in Japanese literature from SOAS, the University of London, in 2010.

In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, illustration, and occasional photography. My visual work is currently displayed on my Tumblr.

Feel free to contact me via email: at darylmaude {at} gmail {dot} com;
or via Twitter, @narubeku