Travelling from Tokyo to Okinawa and back again, I watched the view out of the windows of various vehicles: monorails, trains, planes, taxies, buses, cars. Seeing concrete and glass, wood and steel whip by, I wondered about the people who passed by and the people who built these structures, about who they were and what lives they lived, about their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. It got me thinking about space and cities, about people’s connection to the land, about how people travel. About how a place can be in the same country and a yet a world away from the metropole, about how we are surrounded, in the words of Edward Soja, with “human geographies… filled with politics and ideology.” (Postmodern Geographies, p.4)

In the next few days I hope to upload a few pictures of my trip with some musing on place and space in Okinawa.


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